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LOST Mind Games

Trenton, NJ – March 12, 2008 – Anne Dawson Books announces the publication of LOST Mind Games. The book is a wonderfully fun way for fans of the hit TV show Lost to discover just how much they know about the show. Fans explore their existing Lost knowledge base and utilize their brain power and “out of the box” thinking to solve the mind games.

“Any fan of the TV show Lost knows that the creators and writers of the show have absolutely perfected their ability to play games with their viewers’ minds. They are also famous for consistently leading fans to form both logical and illogical conclusions. This book takes both of those concepts a step further," said Anne Dawson, the author. Dawson described the book as “Loaded with over two hundred entertaining trivia quizzes, original brain teasers and unique word puzzles. LOST Mind Games gives fans of the show a chance to entertain themselves while digging up Lost facts that they hadn’t even realized they had stored away for future reference.”

LOST Mind Games has been cleverly designed and presented to tease, intrigue and challenge all Lost fans on a level playing field, from the most casual of viewers to the most diehard of fans. The book is divided into six chapters each covering a different type of challenge.

Lost fans who eagerly await each new episode will be delighted to spend their hours exploring this book.

LOST Mind Games is currently available on Amazon

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