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Reading Lost by Roberta Pearson

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'Lost', created by wunderkind J.J. Abrams and aired on the US ABC network and Sky in the UK, began in 2004 and will end after its sixth season in 2010, hopefully with the answers to myriad questions. This book not only offers a rich understanding of the multi-media phenomenon that is 'Lost', but is also a valuable demonstration of how the contemporary American television industry works. 'Lost' is perfectly designed to serve the new multi-channel, 'multi-plaform' mediascape. Its cinematic visuals and complex narrative place it above the competition, its international cast and ostensibly worldwide locations (actually Hawaii's Oahu island) give it global distribution. 'Lost' continues to fascinate - and mystify (that polar bear, that four-toed statue) - today's technologically savvy 'forensic fandom', whose members mobilise i-Pods and cell phones to watch episodes and revel in the complexities of 'The Lost Experience'. These and many more issues involving 'Lost's' production, distribution, narrative, and audiences are addressed by this essential book.

About the Author
Roberta Pearson is a Professor of Film and Television Studies and Director of the Institute of Film and Television Studies, University of Nottingham. She has authored, co-authored and co-edited numerous books and articles including the co-edited 'Cult Television' (2004) and several essays on 'Star Trek'. She is currently editing Blackwells 'Companion to Television Genres'.

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