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Lost - Before the Crash - Jigsaw Puzzle

Product Description
Now You Can Start To Put The Pieces Together! Search for clues to television's most puzzling hit drama by assembling any of the four jigsaw puzzles in this series! A small group of passengers miraculously survive the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 only to find temselves off course and stranded on a tropical island. Butthis island is not the paradise it appears to be. There are polar bears, the ominous "black smoke" and of course... the others. Is it coincidence or has a common fate brought these strangers together to face their demons and the island's deadly secrets? Spoiler Warning: Secrets are revealed! Do not assemble this puzzle unless you want exclusive new insight into TV's most puzzling drama series. Piece Count: 1000. Puzzle Size: 19 in x 26 in.

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